About Us

Hi, I'm Andrew Cole and I welcome you to this site. The truth is I'm actually a kitchen specialist by trade although I started having a go at developing and creating websites about 12 years back. Quite an extreme transformation you may think even so I slipped into it successfully and today it just seems to be "what I do". While in some cases I design websites just for the challenge, I do clearly also try to earn a little money from it (to cover the cost of domain names, hosting and so forth). Actually I find it a thrilling challenge, developing strategies and applying them.

It's constantly been my intent to build basic, straightforward websites which are hassle free and fast to load. I hope I have achieved that here and you have got what you wanted browsing around, or maybe at least not been frustrated by it.

I'm not a gardener myself so I would prefer that you don't contact me with enquiries relating to gardening or to get estimates for gardening related work, the website was made to advise you of the variety of ways to find a trustworthy gardener for yourself.

I don't recommend or endorse any individual local service, I have simply given you some methods of locating one, the decision is in the end yours to make.

Thanks once more for checking it out and I would like to see you here once again soon. Andrew Cole - Gardenerably UK